The Real Knightsbridge
  • Ultimate Library: A Better Educated World

    “Our greater purpose is to create a better read, better educated world,” starts Philip Blackwell, founder of Ultimate Library. We are in his office at Shapero Rare Books in Mayfair, home of Ultimate Library and some of the rarest books in London. Ultimate Library is the world’s leading supplier of bespoke libraries for hotels, resorts [...]

  • Atkinsons Bear: Out of Hibernation

    The Atkinsons bear has finally come out of hibernation and is now taking centre-stage in an exclusive launch at Harrods. The famous Atkinsons bear has represented this 200-year-old perfume maker since their humble beginnings in 1799. And he certainly looks good for his age. The story goes that James, an enterprising young man from Cumberland, [...]

  • Classic Cars: a better investment than gold?

    As currency and stock markets underperform, investors look to diversify their portfolio with traditionally safe assets such as gold. But for those looking to buy for pleasure, classic cars could be a better investment. Seth Rowden speaks to the founder of HAGI to see which is the better performer Investing for pleasure is often thought [...]

  • John Tsagaris: Chinese Medicine in Knightsbridge

    John Tsagaris is at first glance an unlikely practitioner of oriental medicine. However, he has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 20 years, holds numerous qualifications and even worked in Xi Yuan & Yi Yuan Hospitals in Beijing, where he specialised in Dermatology, Gynecology, Cardiology and Geriatrics. But perhaps the most convincing evidence [...]

  • Boutique Children’s Clothing Shops in Knightsbridge

    Knightsbridge is awash with beautiful boutique stores. It is the place to visit for the finest clothing, and has plenty to offer outside of the mainstream fashion houses. There are also several boutique children’s clothing shops in Knightsbridge offering a range of beautiful, timeless designs for every occasion. The windows of Belgravia reveal glimpses of [...]

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